2016 National AGM

On October 1st, I had the pleasure to attend the National AGM in the Kilkenny Ormond Hotel.  The AGM is your opportunity to have a vote and voice in how the national organisation is run over the next year, so participation is vital.

The South Midlands Branch was in charge of organising the meeting, and I have to congratulate them for doing such an amazing job!  There were so many quilts hanging, and the site was very welcoming!

Below is a slideshow of all the amazing work presented.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The business of the meeting began with a welcome from Linda, the Chair of the South Midlands Branch.

Next, the Chair of the Executive Committee, Kelly, opened up the meeting with apologies and read the previous meeting’s minutes.

The Chair Report and Treasurer’s report were presented, followed by a report from the Membership Secretary.

The Craft Council of Ireland Representative, Valerie, then gave her report.  It was encouraged that all members of the Irish Patchwork Society become members of the Craft Council of Ireland as well.  Membership is free, and lasts a lifetime!  You can find the membership form here.

Paula, the EQA Representative, then gave her report.  Highlights included encouragement to show your works at the many exhibition opportunities.  Your branch representative should have access to application forms for the next two years worth of international exhibition opportunities.  An Grianan has also been booked for 2018, and suggestions for programming were asked for.

Next, the election of new committee occurred.  There were not enough volunteers to occupy vacated seats at the AGM, so volunteers are needed from the rest of the membership in order for the Executive Committee to run smoothly.

Two motions were then presented.

Motion 1 was “That future AGMs be held in Dublin creating a central venue that is convenient for travel from all parts of the country.  Each branch being responsible in turn for organising the event as at present.”  Motion was discussed and defeated.

Motion 2 was “That the IPS website be updated regularly, in particular that all exhibitions, workshops and other events of interest to members be flagged well in advance as notice of such events in the Newsletter is often received too late to be acted upon.”  Motion was discussed and passed.

After the business of the meeting, the challenge results were announced.  The challenge this year was “Witches and Castles” and by Viewer’s Choice, Linda was declared the winner.


Below is a slideshow of all of the entries.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All in all, a successful meeting!  I wholeheartedly encourage members to attend next year’s  meeting.

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