Upcoming Events

Here’s where you’ll find upcoming events of (or of interest to) our branch!

meetings in 2018 continue on the second Saturday of the month:

14 April
12 May (with a 1/2 day workshop with Nikki Foley after the May meeting)

9 June

after the summer break we will meet

15 September (3rd Saturday)
13 October
17 November (3rd Saturday)
8 December

The 2018 National Exhibition (theme Making Waves) will be 2 – 14 July at the Chocolate Factory. Directions and details are here

One thought on “Upcoming Events

  1. Jan

    Why are the websites of the IPS branches so poorly run?
    Surely ye have a secretaries who could keep the blogs updated.
    Is there any quilt exhibitions planned for this year 2018?
    I live in rural Ireland don’t know anyone who quilts but would love
    to travel to see quilts made by professionals as I am self-taught.
    Still learning.
    Some months ago I emailed the head office of the IPS as I saw that
    Heart Children Ireland were asking the societies to make quilts for
    sick children. I wanted to donate 9 yards o fabric. They never responded
    to my email so I sent the fabric to a Northern Ireland charity quilting group.


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