September Block of the Month


Is the Spools block!  Designed to look like a spool of thread, this block is easy to construct! You have a ton of choices on how to customise your block.  In the block up top, I attempted to make the spool look like it had thread wrapped around it by cutting out the scalloped fabric on the bias.


You could have two spools appear horizontal and two appear vertical.


Or stack the spools on top of one another!


In our second spool block, I used improvisational piecing with several fabrics to make the fabric appear like thread wrapped around the spool.  Cut strips of varying widths (making sure it’s at least an inch longer than the 3.5 inch square called for.  Sew the strips together, varying the width and angles of the fabrics, and then trim a 3.5 inch square from this improvisational unit.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board for inspiration!

September Meeting Recap

Apologies for the lateness of the post, I needed to leave the meeting early to catch a ferry for a holiday, and our internet in France was very slow.

On September 12, we met at the Sacred Heart Church on Western Road for the first meeting of the year.


Membership dues for the year were due at this meeting, €40 which goes to the executive board.  Due to insurance, you can only attend 2 meetings prior to paying for your membership.  After those two meetings, you won’t be covered by insurance anymore!

We’ve also increased our door fees to €4 for members, and €8 for non-members.  This increase in fees is a result of a motion passed by members at our AGM in April.

Our meeting started out with announcements from our chair, Jane.


We showed off the eight blocks of the Block of the Month that have been created so far, in two different colorways.


Then, Erin followed with a recap of the Block of the Month project we’ve been doing since February.  Then, using the projector, showed a step by step tutorial of this month’s block, the Spools block!


In future meetings we’ll be doing a step by step visual tutorial for the remaining blocks!

Maeve from Limerick Quilt Centre did a demonstration.

Photo by Susan Garde

Christmas Placemats!

image8Photo by Susan Garde

Sadly, I had to leave before the Show and Tell portion of the meeting.  Please, if you have photos I can use in a slideshow, please send them to our email address,

Our next meeting is scheduled for October 10 and will be our open meeting!

Letter from the Chair


Letter from the chair.
September is here already!  Time to get out all those projects we put away in June, thinking it was ages before we had to think about them again.  I am thinking in particular of a Name Tag–our summer challenge.  Erin has given us lots of support on the internet all summer, so we have no excuse.  We have a new committee member, Susan Garde – welcome!- she has already proved very useful as our ‘local knowledge’  Colette has taken on the roll of membership secretary.

Our next meeting will be this Saturday 12th September at 10am.

It will be a great chance to catch up, show off all the summer work and get inspired for the winter.

Our shop will be Limerick Quilt Centre, and Maeve will be giving us a demo.

Please show your summer challenge with pride! The great prize will be a lucky dip, so everyone has a chance of winning.

The block of the month will be demonstrated by Erin, and we will do a recap of the blocks so far.

We hope to have a great  Show & Tell, please leave all your works of art at the front desk.

It is subscription time again, the annual subscription which goes straight to the executive is €40 .

Eilis (has stepped in again for us) will have a separate table for subscriptions.  PLEASE remember to bring this as it helps so much with administration.

It was agreed at our AGM in April that our door price would be increased to €4 and €8 for visitors. Still excellent value for a great morning of inspiration.

Tea and coffee will be provided, but again cakes etc depend on your generosity, and you have never let us down yet!

There will be our usual raffle.

Phew! Just in case you have given up the will to live, here it is in a nutshell:

Saturday 12th September 10am

Subscription € 40

Show & Tell

Summer challenge – name tag


Limerick quilt Centre will be our shop

Maeve will give a talk/ demo

Entrance fee € 4 , visitors € 8 .

Cakes required

Block of the month demo,& recap.

We are really looking forward to seeing you there


Chair Southern Branch IPS