April recap

Yesterday we met with a lovely group of ladies (as always).

Our speaker Clare Newell introduced us to the Crisp Packet Project, and her involvement with it. The project make emergency “blankets” out of (you guessed!) crisp packets. These emergency covers are handed out to homeless people to provide them an extra insulating cover to keep them warm and dry. Clare is in touch with a Cork charity who hand them to the people needing them.

Crisp packets (OPENED, WASHED AND DRIED) are joined together into large sheets by pressing them briefly with an iron, using a sheet of baking paper. Then polythene is added on both sides (more pressing). This “fabric” can also be used to create duffel bags or toiletry pouches. Such valuable items from waste products!

Clare is happy to accept help, but if you are saving your crisp packets for her, please wash and dry them or she cannot use them!

Find more about the project on Clare’s social media pages: Facebook Instagram

Show & Tell:

Mairead showed us covers she is making for covers for baby incubators for CUH. She is using any dark (heavy) material for these, so if you have any dark flannel or upholstery fabric, let her know. Several “penny rugs” were shown off, everyone has been very inventive with those wool scraps! Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of them!!

Next meeting, May 14, is our AGM, please all come and support our branch. We will be in touch by email with details.