August 2016 Block of the Month

It’s time to debut our next block!  I’m excited to show you how to make the Sister’s Choice Block!


Originally designed to be a 10 inch block, I changed the design a little bit in order to work out to a 12 inch block, and make it easy to cut out the pieces.

Download the instructions here. 

I’ve also created a step by step slideshow of how to construct the block, that you can see here:



One thought on “August 2016 Block of the Month

  1. Jane

    Dear Erin, Just back from Birmingham, and wanted to say how proud we are for our member Cathy Davis, her quilt looked stunning , it was beautifully hung & lit, and was the highlight of my trip.. I don’t have her email, but please could you pass on or put a piece in about her. We met quite a few people who are potential members & Young! So I hope the show entices new members. Out thoughts go to member Mary Tilley , who had a car accident 2 days before and couldn’t go! Janex

    Jane Horner 0879853046



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