November recap.

Ester starting her talk
Ester Kiely and hr first Quilt
Big star quilt by Assumpta from Missouri star company
Assumpta with Quilt done in Penny Barnes workshop

Assumpta with swirl Christmas tree.
Mary O Regan
Cora’s Quilts
And more!
Mary Palmer
Fab as always
Kathleen Kiely
Mai Murphy
Marie’s socks
And stars!

We were delighted with the turnout this November as we moved our meeting to the 18th as our usual meeting clashed with the Knitting and stitching show. We nearly could have had it in Dublin as we met so many of our Branch at the show on Saturday!

Our shop this month was Lismore with Áine and we were delighted to have Ester Kiely as guest speaker and Ester also did a wonderful workshop on sketch booking after the meeting. There was a good group of enthusiastic participants for the workshop and it was enjoyed by all.

We started our meeting with a reminder to everyone to make sure that they let everyone know that we want as many people as possible to have paid up their membership by December as they won’t be on the list for the Newsletter in the new year.

We also went over the upcoming Exhibitions and upcoming workshops locally by Moya from Patchwork Plus and Mary Palmer. Please contact the Ladies for further information.

Ester Kiely gave us a fantastic talk on her Journey through knitting, quilting and textiles work. Also her great work with schools and involvement in the Community. Everyone was enthralled by her.

Great turnout for show and tell and we had the last of Mary Hynes’s Block of the Month which was a wreath, cracker, snowflake and bauble. Looking forward to seeing the results in December 9th.

We have decided to for go our own monthly raffle for December and sell tickets for Marymount instead and monies will go to Marymount Hospice.


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