What’s an AGM?


We’ve been mentioning these letters in reference to our April meeting.  Just what does this mean?  AGM stands for Annual General Meeting.

Why is this meeting important?  It’s the main meeting of our branch where official branch business occurs.

What kind of business?  Lots!  During the meeting you’ll have the reading of the minutes from the last AGM, Chair’s Report and the Treasurer’s Report. There will also be an election of committee members, and voting on any motions presented.

How is the meeting run?  The meeting is run a bit more formally than the usual branch meeting.  We do our best to follow Roberts Rules of Order in order to run an efficient meeting.  This includes presenting motions, seconding motions, and voting.

Do you have an agenda?  Yes!  Below is the agenda we have so far.  Final agenda will be posted at the meeting.

  • Welcome
  • Apologies
  • Chair’s Report
  • Minutes of the Previous AGM
  • Matters Arising
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Executive Representative’s Report
  • Motions
  • Election of New Committee
  • Any other Business

What kind of motions are voted on?  Last year, a motion was presented and passed concerning increasing the door fees charged to members.  The group gave the committee the final decision on the exact number, but the thought behind this increase was to cover the room rental fee.  We also had a motion to present a motion to the National AGM presented as well.

Basically, motions guide the committee on how to run the branch meetings.

Do you know of any Motions presented this year?  Not yet.  Send us an email if you’d like to draft one, we can help!

What about election of committee members?  This year, only a portion of the current committee members will be continuing on next year.  That means, we’ll need a few more members to join in to help out in the assisting of the programming of the branch.  At the first committee meeting after the April Branch meeting, jobs of the committee members will be voted on by the committee members.

Do you have any job descriptions for the committee jobs?  Sure do!

  • Chair:  Responsible for pulling everything together.  Runs committee meeting and general meeting, prepares newsletter prior to next meeting, public face of the branch in national matters.
  • Secretary:  takes minutes of the committee meetings, assists the Chair in preparing agendas for the meetings and prepares the shop rota and confirms shop attendance.
  • Treasurer:  Maintains finances for the branch, collects membership dues.
  • Editorial Rep/PRO: Writes articles on behalf of the branch for the National Newsletter, maintains and regularly posts on website.
  • Ordinary Committee Member – No assigned position, works on jobs as assigned by the chair.
  • Executive Representative

I’ve heard that the branch needs a Executive Representative as well.  What are the responsibilities of that?  Role : To represent your Branch on the National Executive Committee.  All travel expenses are reimbursed!

Responsibilities :

–Attend the Executive Committee meetings which take place on the first Saturday of each month in the Asisling Hotel Dublin (opposite Heuston Station)
–Take part in discussions on National and Branch issues
–Report back to local Branch Committee
–The Executive Rep does not have any additional responsibilities on the Executive Committee. These are fulfilled by the elected members of the Committee so the duties of the rep are relatively very light.
–Any further information can be supplied by Olivia on 0868248917

Let us know if you have any questions, buy sending them to us at corkips@gmail.com

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