Congratulations Cathy!

Cathy Davis (left) with her quilt, “Rainbow Rings”
Congratulations are in order for Southern Branch member Cathy Davis, whose quilt was selected to represent Ireland in the Diversity Gallery in the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham this August!

Here are some more detailed photographs of her amazing quilt:


Way to go Cathy!

Diversity in Europe Quilt Exhibition Opportunity

Do you want a chance to exhibit a fantastic quilt of yours at the Festival of Quilts in 2016?  The Irish Patchwork Society will be putting a quilt forward for the Diversity in Europe EQA Quilt Gallery at the Festival of Quilts.

This gallery will showcase the work of artists from 17 countries.  Because only one quilt will be representing Ireland, this will be quite the honour!

The process of choosing a quilt is this:  Each branch will nominate a quilt to represent the branch and submit it to the Executive Committee for consideration.

Do you have a quilt you’d like to nominate?  If so, bring it to our meeting on May 14th to show it for consideration, or if you’re unable to attend the meeting, send a good quality photograph to our email address at  See the rules below for guidelines for submission.

The quilt to represent our branch will be chosen by the committee at the committee meeting on May 28th.  


— Size of Quilt:

  • Maximum height 2.5 m, maximum width 2.5 m
  • Minimum height 1 m, minimum width 1 m
  • Maximum perimeter (all the way around the quilt) 9 meters
  • Minimum perimeter (all the way around the quilt) 4 meters

— All quilts must have a 10 cm (4 inch) having sleeve with extra fullness to accommodate the rod) sewn 1 cm below the top of the quilt and stopping 2 cm at each side

— All quilts must include the following information at the bottom of the quilt, either on a fabric label securely attached to the back of the quilt or written directly on the back of the quilt – owner’s name, and full postal address (including country), Name of the quilt.

— All quilts must have a quilt maker’s statement.

For more information, see the article in the Winter Newsletter on page 8.

Fashion Show at the Festival of Quilts 2016

From Paula Rafferty:
Hi All, I have been asked to put together the fashion show again for the Festival of Quilts.
This year the theme is: Wearable Art and Fabulous Fashion – Clothes can really be anything, but we do want new, not anything that has been seen at previous Festival of Quilt shows.
The show will be sponsored by The McCalls Pattern Company again but will be staged slightly differently than in 2015. We will be more focused on getting the garments on stage to good music, with some simple choreography and each scene will be  backed by screens with details of what is being shown rather than having lengthy commentary.
At this moment, I  need to know whether you are interested and what sort of garment (s) you wish to propose. I am looking to put together a diverse, eclectic mix of classic, high fashion, wow factor and amazing!
I will then need descriptive text and good, high resolution images to go in the colour brochure in due course.
20 April – Confirm that you wish to participate and number/type of garments
30 June – About 50 words of descriptive text and image  – include fabrics, techniques and patterns used
ALSO please advise whether you wish to model the garments yourself, or provide them for us to show. NB If you wish to model them, you will be invited to a rehearsal on the morning of the Fashion Show to practice and get hair and make-up done. If making for our models, we will need garments that are size 10-12.
1st August – garments sent in advance OR (you can of course bring them to the show, please just let me know which).
I look forward to hearing from you – don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries, or if you know of anyone else who may be interested.

If any IPS Members are interested would they please contact the IR Paula Rafferty ( 087 7699200 and she will forward interested parties details to the event organisers.