April Meeting Recap

On April 9, we met for our monthly meeting.


It was a very good meeting, full of lively discussion!

One topic discussed was our Library.  Since it is not an option to store the books at the church, options were discussed to decrease the physical labor for our amazing librarians to bring the library to meetings.  The next committee will focus on making the library the best it can be and an excellent resource for members.  (We’ll be putting a post on the website with the list of the titles we have in the library in the upcoming month.)

Jane gave her Chair’s report, followed by Ann’s Treasurer’s report.

Olive gave an Executive Representative’s report as well.  Highlights of her report included the discussion of plans for the IPS gallery at the Knitting and Stitching Show, the National Exhibition, the National AGM in October, and the creation of a Young IPS website by Paula Rafferty.

Also discussed was the EQA Diversity in Europe Exhibition.  This is an opportunity for our branch to nominate a quilt to be exhibited in the European Quilt Association Diversity in Europe Gallery at the Festival of Quilts 2016.  For more information, there is a short article on page 8 in the latest newsletter.

Our branch is to nominate a quilt by May 31st, so bring your quilt for consideration to our next meeting!

Also during our AGM, we formed a small subcommittee in order to draft a motion for the National AGM happening on October 1, 2016 in Kilkenny.

We also had some new committee members step forward.  Assumpta Lydon, Eileen Mangan and Joanna Harrington will be joining Ann Prendergast, Susan Garde, and Erin Case for the next year.

Following the AGM, Erin gave a presentation on Zippered Patchwork bags:


You can download the the instructions for the bag here.

After that, we had our fantastic Show and Tell!

Susan showed off her Block of the Month Quilt Top:


Stephanie showed off a block she made using Lynne Edwards Sampler Blocks:


Then Fionnuala showed us a baby quilt she made which also included a matching Christmas stocking:


Then Tracy showed us a Kissing Fish quilt:


A baby quilt:


and a pillow cover made from a Mariner’s Compass:


Assumpta showed us a quilt she made using some Tumbler blocks:



Siobhan showed us her quilt:


followed by Joanna’s Log cabin quilt:


and disappearing nine patch:


Mary showed us her quilt made for a motorcycling friend:


Frances showed us a quilt for Effy:


Eilís then showed us a quilt made using inserting 1 inch strips:


and Anne showed us some of her quilts made during workshops:

Here’s some snapshots from the meeting:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ll see you on May 14th for our next meeting!

December Meeting Recap

First, the Southern Branch of the IPS would love to wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Now, to the recap!

Jane started with a few announcements.  These included:

  • There will be a need for committee members in April, as over half of the current committee will have to step down.
  • Olivia O’Sullivan is now on the national committee, there is a need for a new branch representative to the national committee.  Please let Jane know if you’re interested.
  • In January we’ll be introducing a beginners table, where members new to quilting can learn the basics.  We’re also planning some more YouTube videos to include with this focus!

Erin then did a recap of the past and current block of the month.

This month’s block is the Flying Dutchman!


The Christmas sale that happened on December 3 went very well!  It was announced that nearly €1,500 was raised for ACT!  Congratulations ladies.


Next, we had our Show and Tell.  Here are some of the projects shared by our members:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then, Moya showed us an easy little-sew project – a Christmas Wreath!


Thank you Moya for your fantastic demonstration!

Next, the Christmas Challenge winner was announced:  Sandra Jansen!  Our members were given a few circles of fabric, and were challenged to make anything they wanted, as long as they used at least two of the circles of fabric.


Sandra told us she was inspired at our last meeting where Aine Foley from Lismore Quilts demonstrated a table centre.

Here’s a slideshow of all of the entries.  Great job everyone!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Everyone had a fantastic time with the Table Quiz!  Thank you Ann for your hard work in creating it!

On a personal note, I’d like to thank everyone at the meeting for being patient with my boys (and the little bit of noise they created).  We had a last minute issue with lack of childcare, and I had to bring my toddler twin boys to the meeting.  I did my best to keep them occupied and quiet!


See you at our January meeting on January 9, 2016!

October Meeting Recap

Our meeting today was an open meeting, and we had an amazing turnout!  We hope everyone had fun!


Our October Block of the Month was revealed to be the Dresden Plate!


After Jane’s announcements, John O’Donnell gave a short talk on sewing machines and their maintenance.


Then we had our amazing show and tell!  Great job on all of your projects, ladies!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Demonstrations were ongoing, many thanks to our demonstrators!

We had Eilis demonstrating a wonky block:


Emer demonstrated hand quilting:


Sheila demonstrated how to make a tissue cover:


Tina demonstrated paper piecing:


And Erin demonstrated the block of the month:


Please enjoy the slideshow of the highlights of the meeting:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you next month!

September Meeting Recap

Apologies for the lateness of the post, I needed to leave the meeting early to catch a ferry for a holiday, and our internet in France was very slow.

On September 12, we met at the Sacred Heart Church on Western Road for the first meeting of the year.


Membership dues for the year were due at this meeting, €40 which goes to the executive board.  Due to insurance, you can only attend 2 meetings prior to paying for your membership.  After those two meetings, you won’t be covered by insurance anymore!

We’ve also increased our door fees to €4 for members, and €8 for non-members.  This increase in fees is a result of a motion passed by members at our AGM in April.

Our meeting started out with announcements from our chair, Jane.


We showed off the eight blocks of the Block of the Month that have been created so far, in two different colorways.


Then, Erin followed with a recap of the Block of the Month project we’ve been doing since February.  Then, using the projector, showed a step by step tutorial of this month’s block, the Spools block!


In future meetings we’ll be doing a step by step visual tutorial for the remaining blocks!

Maeve from Limerick Quilt Centre did a demonstration.

Photo by Susan Garde

Christmas Placemats!

image8Photo by Susan Garde

Sadly, I had to leave before the Show and Tell portion of the meeting.  Please, if you have photos I can use in a slideshow, please send them to our email address, corkips@gmail.com.

Our next meeting is scheduled for October 10 and will be our open meeting!

What a turnout at today’s meeting!

What a fantastic turnout we had at today’s meeting.


We started out with announcements and then moved on to Show and Tell.  And the show and tell?  How inspiring are these quilts?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well done ladies!  Fantastic work!

We then moved on to the Block of the Month project, debuting our Churn Dash block.


Due to the fact that our speaker had the flu, several of our members stepped up and provided demonstrations.

There was a tissue packet demo:


And a Japanese Rice Bag demonstration.


You can find the handout for the rice bag demo here.

Our next meeting is April 11th.  It will be our AGM and we’ll have Sandra Jansen speaking about Improvisational Piecing.  Start working on your show and tell now!