Christmas 2019 Challenge

Our 2019 Christmas challenge is:  Make a Christmas table decoration.

any size, any colour, any technique – if you’d have it on your table at Christmas, then that’s what we want to see!

(it could be a place mat, a table runner, a 3-D ornament, a centrepiece, a Christmas cracker…)

Please bring to the 14 December Christmas meeting.

For ideas…

May Meeting Preview

We’re delighted to welcome the Midwestern branch to our May Meeting.

Please note that this meeting is on the 3rd Saturday of the month – May 18, 2019

Shop: The Sewing Shed (Nikki Foley)
Demonstrator: there’s a vacancy… anyone interested? drop us a line.
Speaker: Midwestern Branch Members
Show&Tell: please bring us your latest (complete or WIP)
Start: 10am (ish)
There is a 1/2 day afternoon workshop – a May Mystery – see requirements here. Don’t forget your machine and bits if you are attending that.

The New Committee are:
Chair: Frances McCarthy
Treasurer: Marie Sprott
Secretary (and Web and Communications and everything else!!): Sandra Jansen
Membership: Heidi Wishniewski
Exec. Rep: Eilís Watson
Library and Editorial: Kathryn Bennett
Library: Cora Quinlan

Thanks so much to the outgoing committee for all their work over the last year(s).

May Mystery Requirements

This makes a 24 in piece – it would be a great centre medallion for a larger quilt or a big cushion or a side of a tote bag, or add some borders to make a wall quilt…

There are 6 fabrics in this mystery. Apart from fabric 1, which is a square that doesn’t get cut up any more, it is not really suited to directional fabrics. Checks or fabrics that can be rotated are fine. Fabric 4 sets the tone for this mystery – a strong colour is good here, can be print, batik, solid colour.


Fabric Cutting needed (all in inches) colour suggestions
Background 4 of [6 ½” x 3 ½”]
4 of [9 ½” x 3 ½”]
1 of [8” square]
1 of [9” square]

if you have yardage (42” wide) you’ll need just less than 12” to cut all this. It’s more than a single fat quarter, unless your fat quarters are generous.

can be dark or light,

good contrast with fabrics 4 and 5

not suitable for very directional prints

fabric 1 1 of [6 ½” square] great for a fussy cut (will not be chopped up any more), any colour
fabric 2 1 of [7 ½” square] good contrast with 1 and 3, can be dark or light
fabric 3 4 of [3 ½” square]
1 of [9” square]
good contrast with 2 and 4
fabric 4 4 of [6 ½” x 3 ½”]
1 of [8” square]
2 of [4” square]

this is easy from a fat quarter’s worth of fabric.

a strong colour – apart from the background, this is the fabric that appears the most in this mystery.
fabric 5 1 of [7 ½” square]
2 of [4” square]
a fabric that zings against 4

I used yardage and had everything cut out in 30 minutes. You can cut ahead of the workshop if you want, but my total sewing time was 1h 40 min (including one bit of un-sewing!) – so there will be plenty of time to cut at the workshop.

  • Rulers: there will be some cutting and trimming on the day, so bring your favourite rulers. You will need to have a ruler that can square up and trim units. Marsha McCloskey’s Precision Trimmer is great – if you don’t have it, don’t worry – just bring your usual ruler(s). Bring at least one ruler that has a 45 degree line on it and can be used to trim a unit.
  • Rotary cutter and mat.
  • Bring a pencil or white chalk pen for marking.
  • There will be pressing as we go along – bring an iron and mat, or plan to share with someone.
  • Pins if you are a stickler for accuracy
  • Sewing machine and extension lead.
  • thread, scissors … your usual sewing kit.

Any queries – send an email to – Frances

February 2019 Meeting Recap

Anne Marie Horan of the Strategic Planning Group set up by the IPS Executive briefed us on proposed changes to the IPS Constitution. These will be voted on at the AGM in June. Contact a member of the local committee if you’d like to review these points.

Our speaker Paula Rafferty joined us from Limerick with a sample of her own and students’ work. The breadth of styles was stunning, and of Paula’s work, the series that built on each other were intriguing.

We got a sneak preview of the Irish pieces of  “World Wide Whispers” –a project taking place in 5 countries, 12 quilts from each, each maker received a photo of the prior month’s quilt as starting point. No photos I’m afraid – these will be on display later this year.


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Our members’ show and tell (click on each image for more info):


January ’19 Meeting Recap

We were delighted to welcome Sinead from Appletree Crafts to our January meeting. She brought her shop and gave a talk about the highlights of running a shop. It was clear that she has a great support network of family and customers and in turn offers so much support in so many ways to them. As fabric-ophiles it was interesting to hear that the most successful fabrics in her shop are the ones that all three buyers like – even though “if my Mum had her way, we’d stock every batik”!

Thanks to our young demonstrator who made a paper wreath at the meeting – see her finished item in the show and tell gallery.


Show and Tell: (as proof that if Assumpta takes the pic I will post it!)

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December 2018 Meeting Recap

We were delighted that both Santa and Mrs Claus could join us for the festive fun at the December meeting.

Thanks to the many members who brought their Christmas Postcard (congrats to Marie O Leary on winning the hamper), treats to share and a lovely selection of pieces for Show & Tell. Thanks to our quiz master Ann Prendergast for stretching our brains with very punny quilting questions. Well done to Aine’s winning team with 35/36 correct answers!


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