May 2022 recap

We had another great meeting in May and it was well attended. Thank you to those who came along!

Áine brought her well-stocked shop, the Lismore Quilt Co. and many had a lovely time browsing and buying some of the fabrics, threads and notions.

The AGM went without any hiccups. With the chairperson we had a short look back on the previous period and we can all agree that it has been a very strange time! Months of “only” Show & Tell, and online at that! Followed by quite a few online monthly meetings, which had the advantage that visitors from anywhere in the world could be invited. We are very happy to be able to meet in person once more, though.

There were heartfelt “thank you”s and a plant for the committee members, and the outgoing chair was surprised with a quilt especially made for her.

Have a look below at the photos from the meeting and the projects shown by our members, starting with some of the outgoing committee with the chairperson’s quilt:

Next month we will be meeting again, keep an eye on your emails!

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