August Show and Tell

Good morning,

After weeks with a lot of rain (at least in my part of the world) the sun is out again today. So I am quickly putting this together and will be spending the rest of the weekend outdoors. I hope you all have an opportunity to enjoy some relaxing time, too, whichever way you like to spend it.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to visit the Festival of Quilt website, there is still time to do so. With workshops, lectures, galleries and more all freely available online, there is something for everyone. Find the website here: Beyond the Festival of Quilts

Siobhan mentioned in her email that she enjoyed visiting Áine at the Lismore Quilt Company recently. This reminds me to mention our shops again. In these difficult times, do keep our local shops in mind when you are in need of supplies. They are open for business whether in person or by post. Find their contact details on our Helpful Links page.

As well as these posts on the website, we will be keeping in touch with our members by email. If any member is not receiving our emails, but does want to receive them, please let us know. If you don’t know our email address, leave a comment and we will get in touch (your comment will not be posted online automatically, but we get an email message about it). The executive has also recently sent an update by email, but several members had not received it. Again, let us know if you haven’t received it, and would like to.

As the summer is progressing, sewing seems to have taken a bit of a back seat for some of us. There have not been as many photos in our inbox this month. It may also be that I was rather late asking for photos, of course, sorry about that! Anyway, let’s get started.

Ber Higgins sent us several photos of projects she has been working on. I have put her descriptions in the captions:

Our class with Moya

Assumta Lydon and Siobhan Miller-Stone have been making from the same maze pattern. Assumpta writes: “We have been having sewing days (same cooties by now but did social distance) and have decided to do the same projects.”

Heidi Wischniewski shows her Baltimore style appliqué blocks. As she says, eight finished, another four to go:

Tracy Wardle has finished her ‘practice’ mini double wedding ring quilt. It finished at about 6.5″ x 8.5″ and is hand quilted. She has chosen its background and now only has to find a frame:

Lastly, here are my own sewing efforts. As you can see, I have not had enough of log cabin quilts quite yet. The top on the left is finished at 36″ square and is made from my own pattern. After finishing, and looking at the photo, I really would like to change one of the fabrics, but it will have to stay since I won’t be unpicking!
The one on the right is a work in progress and got a photo session in the garden this morning. It uses batik fabrics, both from a set of 2½” strips I got several years ago as a present and strips I cut myself. I used the odd strip cut at 1¼” wide at irregular places as well. The piece measures approximately 32″ at the moment, but I intend to keep going for a while yet. There are still plenty of strips left!

I hope you enjoyed seeing everyone’s projects this month. I intend to keep making these monthly posts while the situation on meetings doesn’t improve. So keep sending us your photos at any time, and I’ll add them to the next Show & Tell post.

Have a lovely weekend,

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