AGM Challenge Information

The 2017 AGM Challenge is:


You’re free to use any blocks, to make any small quilt, as long as you only use ONLY two colors.

Challenge guidelines:

  • Your quilt must be only two colors. For example, red and white or turquoise and brown are both two-color combinations. A combination of two colors with a neutral is three colors. For example, green and blue with gray background is a three-color combination.
  • All values of your two colors may be used. For example, your reds may range from pink to dark red. Unless orange is your second color, you may not include orange with your reds because it is a combination of red and yellow and is a separate color.
  • Both solids and prints may be used in your quilt.  Prints must be predominately one of your two colours.
  • Your quilt must be two layers of fabrics with batting between them and secured with quilting. Your quilting can be done by hand, machine, or both.
  • No submissions larger than 24 inches square.
  • Examples of Binary style quilts: NB these are all larger than 24 inches!